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1441 Woodmont Ln NW #887 Atlanta, GA 30318
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Make low monthly
payments with zero down.

Approval Within 15 Minutes

After applying, contact us regarding the status of your approval.

No Interest For Early Settlement

Zero Interest charged if your loan is fully repaid within 3 months!

No Down Payment

UCFS requires zero down to finance your puppy! However, a down payment will lower your monthly payment.

6 to 36 month terms

Choose a financing term length you are comfortable with. The earlier you repay, the less interest accrued.

Maximum APR 24.98%

With puppy financing through UCFS, your annual interest rate will not go above 24.98%.

Valid for 30 Days

Once approved, you have 30 days to choose your puppy to have delivered to your home.


On the application page, request at least $500 more than the price of your desired puppy in order to cover required New York sales tax.

You may apply for more funds however, UCFS (Lender) will only approve what you are eligible for. If approved, you can then select your puppy. The final amount you want to finance is your decision.

Note: ‘Work Purposes Only’ Social Security numbers are not accepted by UCFS.

Application Page Keys:
Estimated Selling Price = The amount you are requesting
Down Payment = 0

Residents of all states are eligible to apply.

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